All About Restaurant Cooking Equipment

Restaurant Cooking Equipment

Restaurant Cooking Equipment

From the local McDonald’s that sits a few blocks away from your house, to the steakhouse a few towns over, all the way to the oceanfront crab shack on the pier; there are some tried and true techniques that each respective chef uses to create unique and tasty culinary delights. Different styles of world class cooking (or average, every day cooking that people love just the same) require different methods of preparing the food to achieve the desired outcome. This is done by using different appliances and an assortment of cooking equipment that is designed with functionality and ease of use in mind.

There are many different types of restaurant cooking equipment that are typically sold and distributed throughout the United States and each one has its own unique method of cooking the food. The incredible part is that commercial cooking appliances are able to cook hefty quantities of food in just a fraction of the time it would take a residential appliance. The use of one, two, or any combination of these standard types of cooking equipment is common to see in commercial restaurants. In addition to maximizing productivity, restaurant cooking equipment gives chefs the ability to decrease waiting times for their customers and increase their customers overall dining enjoyment.

Restaurant Equipment Over Residential

Restaurant Equipment Supply

Restaurant Equipment Supply

Opening up a brand new restaurant can be an exciting and eventful time for many new owners of food service establishments. On the other end of the spectrum; it can be demanding, stressful, and cause normally level headed people to be forgetful and even slightly neurotic. However, there is a way for everybody involved in the line of production to keep their sanity, which is by being well prepared with the necessary equipment to have a smooth running operation.

The main advantage that restaurant cooking equipment has over traditional cooking equipment is that commercial appliances are several times larger than residential types. The design of a basic oven would be the same in a restaurant’s commercial oven, but the capacity it could hold would enable it to produce much larger quantities of food in the same amount of time. Cooking equipment ranges from large appliances like stoves and refrigerators, to small appliances and handheld devices.

Types of Restaurant Cooking Equipment

After a restaurant’s niche has been decided upon, choosing the cooking equipment that will best suit the chefs needs can be done rather easily at a restaurant supply store. There are several appliances typically found in restaurant kitchens, as well as, several others that may not be so common to see. Here’s a quick checklist of the equipment items any restaurant will need to keep up with a crowd of hungry customers:

  • Stove top range
  • Standard oven
  • Convection oven
  • Grill
  • Deep fryer
  •  Freezer (walk-in or reach-in)

Depending on the specialty of the restaurant, there might be some additional equipment that is necessary for creating all of the menu items. These include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • Hot dog station
  • Nacho station
  • Pretzel equipment
  • Pizza equipment (cutter, pans, cutting boards)
  • Food warmers

Other kitchen supplies that are a definite ‘must’ to have on hand include whisks, spatulas, several good sharp knives for different purposes and plastic trays to name a few.

Selecting Cooking Equipment For Your Restaurant

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Restaurants provide that bit of convenience that most people would never adhere to lunch break times without. It is a wonderful experience to go into a nice restaurant and be able to relax and enjoy food that is specially cooked to order for you. It can also be just as nice to order delivery from the local Thai restaurant. Whatever your dining out needs are for a quick meal or a special occasion, your selection of delicious food is made possible by expert chefs who know how to use their cooking equipment.

Chefs are able to use top quality restaurant cooking equipment to provide quick and delicious meals that taste like they have been cooking all day. The selection of commercial cooking equipment available is very broad, so finding any type of standard or specialty equipment needed shouldn’t pose a problem.

No matter what size your kitchen is restaurant or not, let’s not forget that it would not be complete without a trusty set of rubber dish gloves and a good old’ stainless steel sink for daily upkeep. Complementary mop and bucket sold separately.


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